Tips For Choosing Best Health Coverage For A Long Trip

This article includes Tips For Choosing Best Health Coverage. what to look for when you’re booking travel insurance and the reason why you should have travel insurance. As well as comparing a few of the companies that we’ve looked at in the past. Please bear in mind that some of these are English companies. So you may have to look at other companies in your own countries. But hopefully, this article will still be useful to you Tips For Choosing Best Health Coverage

Why do you need travel insurance

Travel insurance is just stupid. I know so many people who do it. But I’m sorry guys. I’m afraid I have to disagree with you. It’s a good idea without being downright morbid. About this if something happens to your family. It’s going to have to pick up all the pieces. If you don’t have travel insurance.

So, please. if not for yourself, get insurance. What everyone else that’s going to have to be left behind. If something awful does happen, for example, the first time, Alex went backpacking on his own. He didn’t have insurance, and he was always worrying about having to go to the hospital, not being able to afford it not wanting to do anything too dangerous.

So please don’t follow in his footsteps dangerous. Okay, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when booking travel insurance.

Tips For Choosing Best Health Coverage

Countries covered

Number one, countries covered by insurance. Many insurance companies will not cover countries that are listing as risky or dangerous on the Foreign Commonwealth Office website. So make sure you check that before you go.

The excess

Number two the excess. I will always choose to travel with zero lot if I have the option. A policy can seem cheap to start
with, but once you start to add on excess fees of 75 or a hundred or two hundred dollars. Every time you have to make a claim, it doesn’t seem so cheap.


Number three activities. Make sure you check what actions will be covered by your insurance. from bungee-jumping to animal sanctuary work. You want to make sure all of the things you plan to do on your trip are going to be covered. Most companies offer a wide range of different activity packages. The riskier the activity more expensive the box. But it’s good to know there are options out there.

Cover limits

And before check the detailed cover limits. You want to see how much you will get if you need to claim for luggage, for medical expenses, for lost or damaged items. Make sure you know what your cupboard for.


Number five any necessary extras must be covered. So, for example, gadget cover isn’t typically included in travel insurance standard policies. So make sure you get the gadget insurance, you get any extra coverage that you need for your system and your trip.

The last thing you want to do is get stranded without your camera, without your phone, without your laptop and not being able to afford to replace it.

Book at home

Number six, book your insurance before you leave your home country; this may sound obvious to you. But some people maybe decide only halfway through a trip that they really should have got insurance. It is so much easier to book insurance with a company before you leave your home country. Because many insurance companies will not cover you once you have left and started your trip.


Number seven check the length of your trip. Many travel insurance companies will not offer cover for more than twelve months on a trip. We would suggest lookout for the phrase backpacker insurance or long term travel insurance to find one that will cover you for longer.

So all of the quotes I’m about to tell you are for a six-month period they are for worldwide cover excluding the US in Canada and also if they had an option for a zero access policy or gadget insurance. I made sure I took it.

So our number one recommendation and the company who we have our insurance. With is alpha travel insurance. So much better than any of the other companies. We were looking at our quote is for the Alpha zero policy, which is a zero excess policy as well as having gadget cover.

One of the things I always look at when booking travel insurance is the emergency medical cover. Alpha is very generous. They offer up to ten million pounds in medical expenses. They were by far the cheapest hope that we had at 306 pounds second up is in short and go now they also offer a zero excess policy and gadget cover.

Why do you need travel insurance


Which is very important to me But their medical cover is a lot lower considering. The price is higher than the alpha. They offer up to five million pounds in medical, and this quote was for their backpacker Brahmas policy, and that comes in at three hundred and sixty-five pounds.

Again man is also with the edge cover, and zeroes access policy next up is proper travel insurance. Now this company is great because they do offer insurance once you have already left the country. However, we thought that the quote was quite pricey when you consider that the medical cover was so low and it did not include gadget cover.

Our quote is for the actual value policy. Which comes in at three hundred and seventy-five pounds this has no significant excess. But they don’t have a gadget extension last up is world nomads. These guys will cover you if you have already left the country.

So it took a massive chunk out of his travel funds and also there is no excess free option on the policies, which makes it even more expensive when it comes to claiming. They offer up to five million pounds in medical expenses and our quotas for their standard policy.

Not including gadget cover or an access waiver and that came to four hundred and eighty-eight pounds. Which is quite expensive Everybody’s needs are different with regards to travel insurance. But for us travelling long term wanting all our gadgets to be insured and not to have to worry about excess.

Alpha seems like not only the cheapest option. But the best choice for us plus we had an excellent experience when we had to clean with them last time. So we know that we can trust them and we can’t recommend them highly enough.

I hope my article is Tips For Choosing Best Health Coverage useful for you guys and I wish you all the best luck in planning your trip. Suppose anyone has any other travel insurance companies that they would recommend. Please leave it in the comments below.


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