16 Things Before Getting A Tattoo Checklist

This valuable article includes 16 things before getting your first tattoo.

Cool Small Tattoos

Number one has to do with the size, and there are some pros of starting small such as knowing what the pain feels like you understand how your body heals have a tattoo you know how your body handles the ink and all those things.

COOL SMALL TATTOO WWW.POSTORAL.COMIf you start huge and all of those are negative, then that’s not a good thing. But I’m also not saying don’t do a big first tattoo. I did my entire side the first thing I did. So I’m not the one saying start small, but I wanted to share at least the pros of starting small.

Best Place to That Won’t Hurt.

Number two is something that has to do with number one as well. If you don’t know what your pain tolerance is. Don’t start with a substantial painful area to cover with that said every single person in the world has a different pain tolerance.

So you can’t generalize. However, some areas of the body are known to hurt more than others. Such as stomach, chest, ribs, elbows, knees areas like that. So maybe don’t start there if you don’t know how you handle the pain of getting tattoos.

How to Choose A Tattoo Artist WWW.POSTORAL.COMHow to Choose A Tattoo Artist

Number three is always going to attack to an artist who has done the kind of tattoo. That you want before, but I would never go to my realistic guy to get old-school tattoos. Because usually, they have the specific styles that they’re right. At.

So make sure you research the artist and check out their portfolio of what they’ve done before to make sure that’s what you want. So you don’t end up going to a skilled artist in one style getting something else from them and not being happy with the results and unless you have proof that the shady tattoo artists work is impressive. also read how to deal with a tattoo artist article. it will help you.

Have a bunch of friends who vouched for them, and they’re like “oh my god this person is amazing and cheap” then just don’t whose are investments and good tattoos do cost money. That’s the harsh truth of it, and obviously, you know.

This article wouldn’t be complete without me telling you to be 100% sure this is something you can stand for in 10 20 50 years from now. But the truth is that we can never guarantee that. We will like what we have today in 50 years, and that’s the truth twice.


Choose A Perfect Tattoo Design

Now I’m just going to share with you guys how I think about it I wanted to get a tattoo representing symbolizing one of my favorite bands instead of getting the logo. I got a bird with the lyrics to the song.

That I liked most from the band and even the song lyrics for me is crossing the line of a little bit too specific. But another example is I wanted tattoos to symbolize and represent my family and my loved ones so instead of getting their names, their faces, their birth dates tattooed on me. I got a sheep and a lighthouse. So that’s how I think about it I’m not at all judging people who get birthdays or logos or anything like that It’s just that for me the odds that I will dislike something a little bit more vague and symbolic is it decreases compared to if I had a logo of a band. I did reduce the risk of disliking something symbolic rather than undeniable and specific if that makes sense, but if you want a logo or birthdates or your boyfriend’s name you do you and of course only you know what you want on your body.


listen to your tattoo artist

Please listen to your tattoo artist if they say that something just will not make a good tattoo that’s a sign that they know what they’re doing. They’re saying it because they don’t want to create a tattoo that won’t look nice and have you walking away from their parlor with something crappy. That could have been great if you altered it a little bit maybe size-wise change some details trust them to know what they’re talking about because that’s what you pay them for you pay them to know they’re shit and I’ve talked about this before.


Don’t Copy another tattoo.

Don’t Copy another tattoo WWW.POSTORAL.COMSo I won’t go into it too but being inspired by other people’s tattoos is perfectly fine. But copying another tattoo is never okay and if you go to an artist that agrees to copy someone else’s work. Then run and never look back unless you want to give the artist a hundred percent creative freedom.


Bring a sketch or reference pictures.

It helps to bring a sketch that you’ve made yourself. You don’t have to be good at drawing or anything. You can just sketch something up, or you can bring reference pictures of their previous tattoos that they’ve made. If you kind of want something similar to or other people’s tattoos just to explain in a better way than using words that you wish for me when I go back revisit tattoo artists. I know exactly how they work, what they do, that they’re amazing at it I just give them the freedom of interpreting what I say in their way, so I just go like I want this and blah blah blah something like this. I don’t know you figure something out, and that gives them the freedom to make something creative and impressive in their style. So it depends on what you want to do. If you wish to something definite, then make sure you bring good reference pictures and a sketch or just make sure you’re good at explaining because you need to disclose your thoughts to another human being.


Right Before You Get Your Tattoo


So it’s finally the day of a good make sure you’ve gotten enough sleep, That you haven’t been out partying and drinking alcohol the night before. And that you have a good meal before getting tattooed because all these things will help you handle the pain a little bit better painkillers and alcohol Finn’s off your blood a lot. We can make you a hassle for the artists when they’re tattooing because a lot of love makes it difficult to see what’s going on; however, some people naturally bleed more than others.


Shave the area you are getting tattooed


When it comes to shaving the artist will most likely cut the area you are getting tattooed. Because most parts of our bodies have small hairs and they will shave it and I usually just let the artist shave it unless it’s on a piece that I often cut regularly. Because you have to wait for the tattoo is healed before shave again. So like if I’m getting my legs tattooed. I just shave my entire legs do I have them cut well it’s not too is healing but like if its arms, chest, stomach, whatever I just let them shave it because this is the most important thing to remember.


Do Not Be Shy


And that is Donna do not be shy. If there’s something that you do not like about the tattoo, then speak up if there is a detail you don’t like if you don’t like the entire design if you don’t like the placement of the tattoo you have to speak up. Because if you don’t, then it will be there forever and you don’t want a crooked tattoo on your body. If it looks corrupt to you doesn’t say something you have to do that because you don’t want Chinese to end up your tattoo. My point is to speak up just always speak up; however, I mean it’s okay to ask questions during the session. But do not backseat drive you’re paying them to do their job, so there’s no need for you to do it for them.


Keep It Company


And long sessions. If your first one is turning out to belong, it can get a little bit boring just to sit there and take the pain so if you wanted to them bring a friend along to keep it company and this will also help if you’re living nervous about getting your tattoo done. However, just do not bring your entire entourage because it’s kind of disrespectful and a kid get annoying for the rest of the whole studio. If there are a lot of people there, but one friend is always okay to bring along. As you know by now after everyone telling you, it will hurt but just make sure that you’re sitting still while getting tattooed that you do not want to be moving around twitching being annoying because that will only delay the process so much. It will make the tattoo artist kind of unsure.


Don’t Move When You Get Tattoos.


How to do the tattoo? Because you might move. But it might slow the whole process down so much. When I was getting my chest done my legs were like moving my stomach let’s move my arms were moving about my chest was still because I didn’t want to crap the tattoo, but it hurts so bad. That I couldn’t lie still, but I just made sure that she can work without a problem on my chest and it’s not moving when I get tattoos.


Don’t Expose Too Much Sun.


They always scab and finish scabbing within the week of getting the tattoo but you have to be prepared to care for it about two or three weeks after getting it and there are different seasons that might be better or worse you get tattoo depending on where you live as well in Sweden, for example, like late spring-early fall is probably the best well I get a tattoo all year around I don’t really care about this stuff but the reason is that you don’t want to burn yourself in the Sun you don’t want to expose the tattoos to too much Sun in the beginning and also you should kind of be able to wear clothes that do not cover up the tattoo which is really difficult in the winter time I tattooed my thighs in frigging November so wearing jeans over newly tattooed legs it’s not a good idea when people do it any way but it’s not just so you know for their first tattoo don’t expose too much Sun don’t ya we’re too tight clothes over it so only you do the math and last but not least visible tattoos will indeed result.


Don’t Let People Judge.


In questions about them, you will be asking about them you will be a judge because of them, and people will always judge you for having tattoos. That’s just the way the world works today. But don’t let people shit on you just because of the choices you’ve made I think tattoos are beautiful things of art and they do make us unique and beautiful in all ways.


So these were my 1 billion tips on what to think about when getting your first

the tattoo I’m sure there are a bunch of other things you should think about. But these are the things that come to mind when I think about the process if you have any questions they leave a comment below I will try to answer them.

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