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This article about tattoo aftercare, How To Take Care Of A New Tattoo after its inked. That is a great question actually, and in fact, the surgery that I work at has two tattoo studios very close to it. So I see a lot of patients we’ve just done a tattoo. I’ve also developed a very close relationship with the actual tattoo artists Who know their stuff.

Tattoo Aftercare

So the first information I’m going to give to you How To Take Care Of A New Tattoo is that you should always follow your tattoo artist’s instructions Because different styles of tattoos can have different aftercare. Now in terms of what do, I recommend. Well, as a health care professional, you need to remember that when you’ve had a tattoo.

It’s a wound, and that wound is going to have to go through its healing process. Now, this healing process varies from patient to patient. But generally speaking, it takes about four weeks for it to recover fully. So as it is a wound after your tattoo artist has finished doing a tattoo. They will cover it with either cling film or bandage. They might even use something else.

But generally speaking for these two items, if they have used them, they usually left it on for several hours or sometimes overnight. But this all depends on the advice from your tattoo artist. Now once you then remove this bandage or the cling film. It’s going to have some plasma on there.

I have a little blood on. There might be a bit of ink, and then you need to wash it. So the way you wash it is very gently you need to wash it with lukewarm water and soap.

How To Take Care Of A New Tattoo

Now here’s probably the most important bit like a health care professional. We know the research has shown that you need to keep it moist when you have a wound and by keeping it moist. It’s going to heal better. It’s going to heal quicker and probably have fewer complications as well.

The old advice from a long, long time ago was to let wounds dry out, and this advice is so outdated. Now, which is the reason why when it comes to tattoo wounds? You need to keep it moist as well what you don’t do is let the wound dry out.

Because if you do let it dry out, you’re at risk of it scabbing, and it can lead to a loss of ink, which is why many tattoo artists recommend that you moisturize several times a day to keep the wound moist and that completely agree with you may then cover it with cling film or bandage as long as your tattoo artist has advised you to do.

So now the most important thing, though, is keeping that moisture content high. So reapply at least three to five times a day. I would say now you’re probably thinking. But I always recommend a cream that contains Dexpanthenol. So the best thing to do is google Dexpanthenol cream and find a brand that’s available wherever you are in the world and purchase that.

Tattoo Aftercare

The reason I recommend Dexpanthenol is that studies have shown. It does help with engine and irritated skin. Wow, this is becoming a very long answer. My brain is kind of working overdrive to give you as much information as possible.

So one thing that I always get asked as well by many patients is, how do you know if the wound is infected, generally speaking, need to keep an eye out on the wound and if you’re getting things like a fever if the area is getting swollen if it’s getting red if it’s getting tender to touch if there’s pus anything like this.

Really can be a sign of an infection, and you will have to speak to a health care professional about it and might need treatment. Some people can also have an allergic reaction to the tattoo ink. Now it’s not very common. But what you need to also look out for is very itchy skin and any inflammation or swelling around the area.

That can be a sign that you have an allergy to the ink. So if you are having these sorts of symptoms, you need to speak to a healthcare professional as well, and lastly, when it comes to showering, you can shower. Just be very gentle in the area that you’ve had the tattoo just.

So you’re not causing it any more distress. But what I wouldn’t do is go to saunas swimming pools or use the baths for at least four weeks. So it can prevent you from getting an infection.

Those are my tips for How To Take Care Of A New Tattoo. I hope my tips help. Thank you for reading this. I will also write more information about tattoos—some really useful pages with more information about tattoo aftercare.

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