How To Start A Coaching Business Online In Five Days – Day 01

This article about How To Start A Coaching Business or to consult the business in five days, and I’m bringing the article series for you. Because I know that getting started can sometimes be pretty confusing a lot of business coaches. And marketing coaches and you know people advising on building your business, you know can talk about the next level strategies, you know how to market? How to get clients and the beginning stages can get skipped over.

So if you are brand new, if you’re building your business from scratch, then this article series is for you. It’s going to be five steps to How To Start A Coaching Business in five days or less. Depending upon how fast you can go through these and you know you don’t even have to be brand new.
Maybe you skip some of these steps at the beginning, and you need to go back and revisit some of these steps. Alright, so five days to launch your coaching business from scratch online.

Coaching Business

Day One – Make your Business Official

so day one is making it official becoming an official business, and what I mean by that is first choosing a business name. All right, so you have to decide what the name of your business is going to be, and I’m going to make it easy and simple for you here. Because the best option, in my opinion, is to pick your name. Alright, as a coach or consultant, you are providing services.

So you are like the product of your business, and so you know it was straightforward and easy to pick your name and if you are a life coach right now. But you switch into business coaching. Well, you don’t want to have named your business something like life coaches R Us, and then it makes it challenging to transition into offering a different type of service. like business coaching without making some major

How To Start A Coaching Business OnlineSo stick with your name that way as you make changes and adjustments. You know the types of services that you are offering in the future. It’s easy, and it’s just everything else that falls into place accessible to when you pick your name.

Alright, so pick your business name then register with your state government with your Secretary of State. And this is simple and easy to do. So you want to go to your state government website, and you’re going to need to file as an official business. And this
takes about five minutes on their website. It’s not complicated. But you do have a decision to make here at this step. You’ll need to decide how you want to file do you want to be an LLC a limited liability corporation do you want to be a sole proprietorship.

So look at your options. There’s no right or wrong choice. Here it’s all about what’s best for you, and you know to pick which one you feel the most comfortable with and get filed and become an official business recognized by your state.

Okay, once you do that, then you can file for a federal tax ID number. You are otherwise known as an EIN, an employer identification number. And this is important because you’ll need this for filing taxes. If you ever hire any help in your business and you may need it for step four, I know I did, which is to open up your business banking accounts before filing for your EIN. Your federal tax ID number is elementary as well.

You simply go to the IRS website, and you can file for that number five minute process online, so super easy, so none of these things are complicated. It just knows that you need to do them right.

So than number four was How To Start A Coaching Business, opening up those business banking accounts, and I highly suggest this as well at the beginning. Because you want to start right away, keeping your business expenses separate from your costs. It’s going to make tax time easy for you, and
it just is easier to keep track of your business results as well.

So opening up business banking accounts is critical to keep your finances separate. But then you also want to consider tracking those expenses in some kind of software program like QuickBooks for small businesses or waves, which is a great free option as well. You know you can do it, and you can hire an accountant. But you don’t need to do either of those QuickBooks for small businesses, and waves are two great options.

So once you open those accounts and you have your business expenses separate. You can keep track of them and be prepared for tax time and for you to know assessing your business results with these programs.

Okay, so than the last step on How To Start A Coaching Business, the fifth step for day one is to get your website set up. I’m not going to talk about actually creating the pages of your website today. That will be another day in this five-part series. But you were just getting it set up reserving your space online.

So what that means is purchasing your domain, which is your, and you want to try to stick with a .com domain if possible is the most widely recognized and the most trusted of the domain extensions. But if it’s not available, then you can pick another one if you have a widespread name. Like you know, Jane Smith and are not available. You can play around with some different things here. Like or you know to pick a middle initial like Jane or, you can put in something like that in

So do what you need to do but get if possible, and reserve that domain, and then get your website hosted. So that you can have a website online, somebody will host it online for you, and then you need to get a business email address.

So once you have your business domain, you should be able to get a business email address, and this might sound like three steps in one. The reason I’m putting this all together is that I highly suggest using Wix as a coach or a consultant. They are super comfortable they are drag-and-drop website builder. When we talk about you know creating the pages that you need for your website later on in this series, you’re going to see how you can get a website done in one day with Wix.

www.wix.comAlright. So, if you’re wondering which work, which website provider to go with. I highly suggest Wix. Because of those reasons, it’s easy. They will let you do all three of those things and wanted a very affordable price by your domain host your website and get your business email squared away as well.

Okay, so they make it super easy you can edit and maintain your website, which I think is vital, especially as a new business owner, and you know I’m saying this to you because I had a WordPress website for over three years. It made me crazy WordPress is sophisticated and robust and as a solopreneur coach or consultant. I didn’t see the need to have something that was that time-consuming and frustrating in my business anymore, and I have a tech in a computer science background.

So, I know that I see this with a lot of my clients to where the website can be this big black hole in your business for your time, money, and sanity. So I highly recommend Wix get all three of those taken, and one step is taken care of in one step alright and have your website set up and ready for you to build those pages on that website.

Okay, so this was day 1 of making it official and becoming an official business. So, it was picking your business name registering with your state government. And becoming you know an LLC a sole proprietorship, Whichever you choose—and then getting your federal tax ID number, your EIN creating business banking accounts, accounting software. Then you know getting your website squared away your domain your hosting in your business email address.

Okay, alright, so hopefully, you can see How To Start A Coaching Business accessible, and it is possible to get your business up and to run and launched in just five days.

I’ll see you over on day two, or we are going to talk about getting your business systems in place. So you can do business online.

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