How To Setting Up your business systems – Day 2

Welcome to day two of launching your online coaching business in just five days, about setting up your business systems. So that you can operate as a business doing business online, alright, and there are five steps to getting your online business systems set up. before you read How To Setting Up your business systems you need to read the first article which is How To Start A Coaching Business Online In Five Days – Day 01.

How to Set Up Your Online Appointment Calendar

alright, so step number one is to set up your online appointment calendar. Alright, and this makes it easy for clients to know to go to a link that you provide for them, and they’ll have access to all of your open time slots on your calendar. So they can choose a time that works for them and where you have openings on your schedule. This way, you’re not emailing back and forth or getting on the phone and trying to coordinate at the moment. You know it makes it easy. You just keep your calendar up to date on your end. You provide them the link to your online appointment calendar, and then they can pick the time that works for them as well.

Alright, so to do this, you need to pick you to know the service provider for your appointment calendar, and you can get a free account. Okay, which is essential at the beginning of your business. I do not believe you know creating accounts where you’re going to have a monthly payment or paying for an annual service.

How to Set Up Your Online Appointment Calendar
How to Set Up Your Online Appointment Calendar

If you don’t need it yet okay because if you don’t have money coming in yet, you want to you know to reduce, and you know to keep the money that’s going out to a minimum. Alright, that’s just smart business.

So the two places I suggest you look into are calendly that’s CA le and day calm or acuity scheduling. Alright, these are two great options. They’re effortless to
work with, and you can get started with a free account, and once you create a free account with one of those two. Then all you need to do is create an appointment type, or it might be called an event. It depends on which one you go with.

But once you create this appointment type. Then you’ll be provided a link that you can then go out and share, and that’s all you need to do. Alright, so when you
create this appoint type, it can be for you know maybe it’s if you’re going to offer a free consultation, which I suggest you do. You know for any new clients, then you can create a fifteen-minute a thirty-minute, 45 minutes a 60 minute. You understand, however long you want to create that appointment for call it a free consultation,  a free discovery call, you to know free breakthrough call whatever you want to call it.

But you get all those details squared away to create that appointment type, and then we’ll be able to share that link with potential customers. All right, which is key.

How To Set Up For Your Business Systems Is a Payment Processor

all right, so then the next thing that you want to set up for your business systems is a payment processor. All right, so you’re going to need to be able to send
invoices to your clients and collect their payments when you start working together. So I highly recommend stripe for this stripe is reliable you get your money in your account pretty, quickly with stripe.

payment gateways
How To Set Up For Your Business Systems Is a Payment Processor

But you can also set up PayPal or even Square, and all three of those are great choices you can do. One of those you can do all three of those I pick stripe I work with stripe and you know don’t mess with the other two. Stripe takes international payments. That’s easy. But as I said, you can do one or all three, and it’s really up to you and what your preference is. But you want to get one set up. So that you can go in and create invoices to send to your clients.

How To Set Up An Online File System

so, your third business system is an online file system. Alright, and I suggest using a cloud-based service here. So that you can share documents easily online, and that means using something like Google Drive. Alright, so just get something set up. I have a folder on my Google Drive called my business, and then everything for my business is underneath that folder.

So I know exactly where to go, and then I’ll create a new folder for my clients where I will store documents that I then give them access to that folder. I share that folder with them. So they can go in there, and we can exchange documents back and forth. It’s straightforward and simple to do here.

How To Set Up An Online File System
How To Set Up An Online File System

All right, but you could use other services to do this as well, there’s Dropbox. Which is a great option, and then there’s Amazon’s s3. It’s a little bit more complicated to figure out. So you know Dropbox or Google Drive is you know reasonably easy to work with and to figure out.

So but get this in place, get this setup. It makes you know storing your documents in one place you know streamlined and organized and sharing documents with your clients can get smooth as well.

Basic Client Agreement Set Up or Creating a Template

all right, so number four is to get a basic client agreement set up or creating a template for your clients, and this is important. Because when you’re working
with clients one-on-one and it’s a service agreement between the two of you, you want to have it in writing. So that the terms are clear, and you and your client are on the same page that you know for an excellent coach and client relationship. Now you can get a free template.

Alright, so this is a high jumping-off point when you’re brand new. I’ll write sometime down the road later on in your business you might want to get a custom service agreement, or you know contract in place where you work with a lawyer to write those terms out for you. But at the beginning, you know you can get a basic template and then just add in what you need to this basic template.

Client AgreementSo there’s a lot of options out there where you can do this. is a place that I’ve used before for you to know the service agreement template between a coach and a client. All right, but you want to have one of those ready to go, you know kind of look through the repetition and make sure everything is as you want it to be and have a template on hand. So that you’re ready to do business with your clients.

Set Up Electronic Signature Processor For Your Business System

okay, and then the fifth thing that you will need and the last thing for your business system is some type of electronic signature processor. All right, so you’ll create that you know service agreement that templates at someplace like But then you need to be able to sign that electronically yourself and collect an electronic signature from your clients.

Okay, now there are a lot of options for electronic signatures online. I use dochub. They’re straightforward, and I get the first five signatures of every month for free. But you can use different services like hello sign, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, you know there are so many options. So it’s the personal preference here and looking at what they give you.

I like the five free signatures with a hub, and I just find them easy to work with. But that is the fifth and final step for getting your business systems in place.
All right now, this is everything you will need to be able to, you know, start doing business with clients, and you know arranging this online.

So getting your online appointment calendar set up, getting a payment processor in place. So you can send and process invoices, creating an online file system for all of your business documents, and for exchanging documents back and forth with your clients getting a client agreement template in place. So that you’re ready to go to send that to your clients and getting set up with an electronic signature service provider like a hub or something like that So you can sign those client agreements and send that off to your client to be signed.

All right, so simple, this is day two. This is everything you need to start doing business in your business. All right, so I’ll see you again on day three, where we are going to talk about setting up your website pages. Alright, so I’ll see you then I love you and if you miss the first article How To Start A Coaching Business Online In Five Days – Day 01 read it too.

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