How to Set up Your Coaching Business Website | Day 3

Welcome to day three of How to Set up Your Coaching Business Website. All right, so day one, we talked about just getting kind of the technical parts of your website squared away. So you should have purchased your domain and got your website hosting squared away, and maybe you went with Wix, as I suggested. But it doesn’t matter because we’re going to set up the pages.

Wix makes it easy. Because they are drag-and-drop, and they make connecting things to their website comfortable, and we are going to talk about adding buttons that link over to your appointment calendar. Your online appointment calendar with either acuity or calendly like we talked about on How To Setting Up your business systems – Day 2.

so but you know regardless of who your website provider is we’re going to keep this simple and I’m going to write about the four things you need to do to get your website up and running and one thing I want to mention here is that you know gone are the days of having a like crowded and complicated and
information-packed website.

Okay, so people you know have shorter attention spans these days, and they’re not going to spend hours scouring through information on your website. You know we scroll now. So you need to have a scrollable simple, clean, and visually appealing website, and you need to make your call to actions really clear, and
right now, your call to actions are going to be those buttons to book a free call with you. So that’s what the purpose of your website is right now to be clean simple provide a little bit of information. You know to be visually appealing and scroll worthy and have a clear call to action.

How to Set Up Your Homepage on a Business Coach Website

alright, so step one of the How to Set up Your Coaching Business Website is to set up your homepage, This is the first page that people are going to land on when they get to your website. So this is your opportunity to tell people who you are and how you help them. okay, they’re always going to be anybody who lands on your website is going to be thinking, “how can this person help me?”

So I suggest keeping this really really simple and just creating a simple banner. You know that with a clean graphic, something that matches your brand and adds a heading, subheading, and a button. That’s it for your homepage, and your entry and subheading can be you know, “hi, I’m Oliver. I’m a business coach,” and your subtitle can be I help people get their businesses launched online. You know something like that.

So really simple “hi this is me and what I do this is how I can help you and then here’s a button” so in Wix it’s straightforward just to add a button onto your page and then link it over to a URL, and this is where you’re going to want to copy the URL for your free appointments. You know on your online calendar and paste it. So that this button links to your schedule.

How to Set Up Your About Page on a Business Coach Website

so the second step the How to Set up Your Coaching Business Website is to create an about page. So if somebody does want to find out more about you. You want to share your story here and don’t overthink this. Just type something up. Now you’ll probably go back and change your about page reasonably often. I know I’m always evolving minor, and that’s thinking about changing mine.

But what you want to share here is your story as it pertains to your potential clients. So how did you get started doing what you’re doing? Why are you helping people achieve? What you help them succeed? Why is this your mission? Why is this important? And if you have a personal triumph story here. If you are a life coach.
Because you’ve overcome some things in your life. Then share that with people. Say you know this is. Where I was, and I was struggling in this area. But I learned how to overcome it, I became a life coach, and now it’s my mission to help people who were in that same position as me.

So really really simple, you know one two three paragraphs at the most here. So don’t over it but then again add another button. Because your story inspires somebody’s going to, and they’re going to say okay, really connect with you, and I would love to work with you. Put that button on your page make it easy for them to take that. The next step links that button over to your online appointment calendar.

How to Set Up Your Services Page on a Business Coach Website

so the third step the How to Set up Your Coaching Business Website is to set up a services page. Okay, so some people are going to come to your website, and they’re ready to work with you, or you know they don’t want to read anything about you. They just want to see what you offer. So you know you’re going to want to have a services page as one of your menu options as well and right now at the beginning of your business.

This is just booking a call with you to see if you know you guys are a good fit to work together. So keep your services page simple. Again here a banner with a clean graphic. An image of some kind and just say something. Like, are you ready to work with me as your life coach or as your business coach? So we can and then what do you help people achieve. If so, you know to book your free consultation here adds a button link it over to your calendar. Okay, so clean and simple and straightforward. If you’re ready to do this, book a call. So those are the three pages for your website that will be part of your menu options for people to kind of go through the pages of your website.

How to Set Up Your Legal Page

The fourth step is to set up your legal pages. Okay, so this is like four steps in one here. But it falls under the umbrella of making sure that your website is legally compliant.

Set up a privacy policy page

So you do need to have a privacy policy on your website. So that is step number one here for all of your legal requirements. And at the very beginning of your business, you can get a free privacy policy generated. It’s a great idea. You know, once you start bringing clients in once you start doing business to get a custom privacy policy created in partnership with a lawyer.

But in the beginning, you can get a free one generated so that your website is good to go. And there is a website that I suggest called And you can get a free privacy policy generated through their website. You can copy that policy comes over to your website and create a new page.

But this new page needs to be hidden from your menu. So you don’t want it to show up in your list up top. So it’s like a secret page, and you’re going to paste that privacy policy on that page, and then you’re going to go into the footer of your website, and you’re going to type the words privacy policy. You’re going to select those words, and you’re going to link that to your privacy policy web page. Now that will be at the bottom of every one of your web pages because it’s a part of your footer. And it’s essential. It’s required to have that.

Set up a Terms of Use page

and then you’re going to do the same thing for a Terms of Use page and a disclaimer page. And these are not necessarily required. But they are a very, very good idea to have them. This is just letting people know that you know if they land on your website. This is how things are you might ask to collect their information.

Set up a disclaimer and testimonials

You might be tracking their behavior. Stuff like that and the disclaimer is if you ever have testimonials or if you’re telling people you can help them that you know you want to have a disclaimer. That everybody’s results are going to be different. Right, so you can again get those generated at and get a disclaimer in place and get a Terms of Use in place. Create those hidden pages linked to them in your footer.

Set up a cookie policy

Then the fourth thing you want to do to have all of your legal stuff squared away on your website is to have a cookie policy. You know pop up either banner at the top of a banner at the bottom or just to pop up on your website. If you are using Wix, then Wix has a free cookie policy app. and you can only add that app to your website, and you can configure it. A nominally, you can play around with the colors. But it will create that pop-up banner wherever you want it on your web site.

So that anytime someone lands on them, they have to click on that banner that says they understand that you know your website collects cookies, which in other words means it gathers information about them. Right, and you don’t have to if you’re not using Wix, then you know if you’re using WordPress. There probably is an app you can use for this. I would imagine there’s a great free app out there. I would you know, look around for that. But does also provide a cookie policy too. So you could get it through them as well.

So those are the four things to have your legal step squared away, and that was all you need to have a fully functioning website ready to go. So simple, really straightforward. Don’t get sucked into the black hole of spending weeks and months, and you know an excessive amount of time setting up your website. Keep it clean; keep it simple and straight board into the point.

So that was day three, and now you know How to Set up Your Coaching Business Website. I will see you over on day four. Now where we will talk about setting up your social media profiles. All right, I’ll see you then.

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