How To Get Your First Clients | Launch Your Coaching Business From Scratch – Day 5

Today we’re going to talk about how to get your first clients in your business. All right we are on day five of getting launched online for your new coaching business. And I’m going to share with you three ways that you can go out and get clients into your coaching business to start working with clients and start doing business.

Reach out to your current network

the first thing is to reach out to your existing system. Okay, this can be friends and family. This can be former colleagues or co-workers, or if you’ve gone through a coaching certification program, maybe you have colleagues within that or peers within that coaching program that you went through that program with. So really easy here. But to you know you look at your current network from all angles and see who you can reach out to and ask them for referrals. You know do they know anybody who might benefit from your services could just let them know that you’re getting started. You know you are a coach offering whatever services you offer, and you’re looking for referrals or anybody interested in solving whatever problem you help people solve. So simple.

The different networks online offer a trade

and then the second thing that you can do is to know with the various networks online provide a business. So if you’re in some Facebook groups or you know you follow certain people on Instagram if you’re in any LinkedIn groups. Things like that and you can reach out to people and offer a trade. You know you’ll provide your services in exchange for a testimonial or something like that.

How To Get Your First Clients
How To Get Your First Clients

But you want to do one of these first two things either asking your current network for referrals going online, and you know offering your services in exchange for testimonials or something else. But it’s essential to get started. You want to have a few testimonials.

So that when people who don’t know you are considering working with you they’ll see that you’ve worked with other people that you have some you know recommendations and reviews either on Facebook or on LinkedIn. You have a couple of testimonials that you can put on your website. Things like that. So that social proof is significant, and you’ve got to start somewhere.

Implement a marketing system or a marketing plan

Now the third thing you can do in your business to get clients is to implement a marketing system or a marketing plan. And you know you could start here. But this is going to take a little bit longer to get clients this way in an online marketing system or plan is a form of a sales funnel. Okay, and a tube is just a process that you take people through where they don’t know you, and you give them a chance to get to know you and you ask them.

Then to become a client at the end of that process. Okay, it’s a straightforward explanation of a funnel, and there are all kinds of different ways that you can implement a marketing system in your business. This is where you’ll see things like freebies and lead magnets, inviting people to download something for free. They can get onto your email list be sent a series of emails where you ask them to be a client or ask them to watch a webinar presentation. Things like that you can run ads to a webinar presentation and encourage people to be a client to book a call at the end of that webinar.

You can create regular content every week, or you know throughout the month in your business and in that content invite people to get on to your email list or to watch your presentation. You know, but any form of these marketing practices. will help to bring and traffic in your business, to bring in new people interacting with your business. to start building those relationships with people online and should always end in actually inviting them to take that next step to you know to sign on to be a client to book their first call with you.

But it’s that simple. Okay, and this is the part where people can overthink. They think that getting clients has to be complicated and hard, and the hardest part about it is putting yourself out there and asking people to value your services. So you want to make sure that you value what you’re offering you believe in it you’re passionate about it and that it really can change people’s lives and you want to make sure that other people know about that.

okay, you start from that place, and everything else is going to fall into place. Easy but if you don’t believe in what you’re offering. Then it’s going to be a bit of an
internal battle. But that’s it that’s all you need to do are those three steps.

So reach out to your current network, ask for referrals. Okay and think broadly about your existing network. You know it doesn’t have to be friends and family. But former co-workers peers from a coaching program. And then where are you involved and engaged online and where can trade services. If you will with other entrepreneurs.

All right and then from there, how can you start implementing a marketing system or plan online. all right well that is the beauty of online is implementing. These systems will start to bring regular traffic into your business and start bringing new regular clients. So you want to work towards that Marketing System or plan. But you want to start working with clients – so steps one and two will get you that first couple of clients and then implementing that marketing plan will keep them coming.

well, I hope that you have enjoyed the five days to get your business launched online. Hopefully, you can see that you don’t need to overthink. This it doesn’t need to be complicated. It doesn’t need to take months, and you know a ton of information to get this going. You just need to know what to do and get it in
place, and the most important part is then to get into the action with that engaging, connecting, building relationships and inviting people to be a client.

Because that’s how a business gets off the ground, it starts doing business. So that you can. You know delve deep into creating a solid plan for your entire business. So you know exactly what you’re creating and what your goals are. Alright well, I hope you found this helpful. I hope you get your business launched in no time and I’ll see you soon.

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