How to be a Freelance Chef | 3 Ways to get your FIRST client

Hey everybody its and I want to share with you how to get your very first clients as a freelance chef. I am going to sharing with you some tips and tools and resources on how to launch or expand your freelance chef business.

Because that is the number one question that I get from either people who are new to the foodservice industry and they’re like you know whatI’m fresh out of culinary school, or I want to change careers, and I want to figure out how to get my first client.

Like if I could just get that first one, I can feel like I’m working and that this is a real business and not a hobby and the same thing goes for even chefs that have been in the industry.

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But you’ve been working in hotels or restaurants, or catering companies are working for other companies, and you’re just like, how do I get my first client.

So today I’m going to share with you three ways to get your first client regardless of what your freelance chef business is right.

Invite lots of friends and families

How to get your first clients as a freelance chef? So one of the first things I did when I knew I wanted to be in food, and this was before I went to culinary school. You guys are I held an open house for my family and friend your family and friends are gonna be one of the best resources to recommend people to you. They may not necessarily need your services.

So they may not necessarily need to buy from you. But they can recommend friends family co-workers other people who may need your services. So I held an open house where I invite lots of my friends and family, and I cooked up a whole bunch of different food or the other products that I was gonna be offering.

I gave them information about it. I let them talk about it, and I wish social media was bigger back then because they could have shared it all over social media.

But I’m not gonna talk to tell my age here. But it was a while ago. But it was a great way for my friends and family to share in sharing my business, and I got some of my first sales from that.

Lunch your website

The second way to get your first clients as a freelance chef is to have a website lunch. Which is you can start you know getting all over social media and let people know that your website is coming. You can do a lot of pre activities leading up to the day that your website is going to go live and you can start getting followers and sharing pictures of your products or your services.

And you can start talking about it, and you can really build up anticipation, and then you can offer kind of a website launch. Like pre-sale on some of your products and services, and that’s another great way to get your first client or your first customer.

Sign up on these sites

But not least which I have used these and these have delivered some clients to me is to sign up on sites like Look on Craigslist in the domestic section and also where people are looking for chefs to hire.

It’s a great way to get your foot in the door. It’s a great way to get some
customers. See what they’re looking for, see what they’re willing to pay and it’s a great way to get your first client.

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