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w I’m sure you can see this article’s topic I will be providing Best Home Based Business Ideas that you can start the straightaway from the comfort of your home especially. If you’re looking to quit a nine-to-five and start a profitable business, if you are short on time or short on money so let’s read the article.

Market Places

Market PlacesMy personal favourites Best Home Based Business Ideas is selling in market places. So we’re talking Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and some other market places. Depending on where you leave. Yes, I know I am always talking about market places, but this is a method that has worked exceptionally well for me. And so, of course, it is my goods away from making money from home.  But I wanted to also drop that festival. So that we can get that out of the way and then we can start talking about other Home Based Business Ideas that might be more suitable for you.

E-commerce Website

So number two is an e-commerce website. This is similar to number one the only difference is that you’re in total control of everything that happens on your website and but you also have to draw traffic to your website by yourself. Either by using social media marketing or by paying for ads through Google or through Facebook or any other method that you can think about and that for me, is the only downside with e-commerce.

So being next, you’re going to have to put in a bit more effort to get people to come and look at what you want to sell and for you to start to make money. However, there the internet is full of so many resources and so many information. that can help you to get to the point where you want to get. So that’s Best Home Based Business Ideas number two for me.


Number three is blogging. Blogging is something that I started way back in the day. I said it the mother blog which I was not consistent on I wasn’t even writing for profits. I was not trying to scale the blog in any way, shape or form, and I still managed to make quite a tiny bit of money on the blog. Before I shut it down, it wasn’t a lot of money.

But it was something that I knew that if I put the effort in I would be able to build a profitable blog and as well as every other method I’m going to mention there’s so much information out there that can help you to get your plug to get your blog profitable in a short time.

So blogging is my number three, and it’s very suitable, especially if you’re a woman and you have something you’re passionate about, or you have something that people are looking to learn from you. You could put that on the blog monetize your blog and start making money without leaving the comfort of your home.

BloggingContent Creation

Number four is similar to blogging. Which is content creation? So starting a content creation business says, for example, providing videos for YouTube that’s a way you could go bounce it, So it is potentially a source of income for me. Which is something you’re going to have to play the long game with is either you want the YouTube channel suspect to give you money, or you want to use it as a way to build a portfolio that can allow you to end money from other avenues while you’re waiting to get money tight. So it works both ways really.
Content Creation

Freelance Writing

Five is freelance writing. Now freelance writing is very lucrative if you have the skills to be able to put you know contents together that somebody is willing to buy and there are platforms that look crazy for you to list yourself on your service on there and people from around the world that book you. My favourite platform is Upwork.

But also I have to hire people on Fiverr to create content for either my website or for my brochure or something. So you could be a freelance writer offering a service that about anyone to write content and above anything. But also you could go deeper and become a ghostwriter, helping people to write either their autobiographies or to write novels.

Freelance Writing

It also writes self-help books because not everybody has the time to do. So I know for a fact that you could get up to a hundred and fifty dollars or a hundred and fifty pounds on each piece of work. That you are able to deliver and 10,000 words could end you that 120 + pounds. It doesn’t have to be, so it doesn’t have to be a big volume of work.

But you will have to market yourself another way you could do it and do ghostwriting, and freelance writing is to actually pitch yourself to companies and business people who need the services of writers on a constant basis. Even also bloggers statistic on freelance writing when they cannot keep up with the amount of work. That goes into writing the content for the blog and managing the blog as well.  So I would advise that you if you were interested in writing.  You actually picture of quite a variety of people and see what sticks.

Become an Editor

The next method I’m going to mention is to become an editor. Even as people are available to write to you, those people also need people that would edit your work, and not everybody has the skills. So if for example, you’re very skilled at spotting grammatical error dates that is a good rule for you. Because you would get people that would send you to your work, Send you to get novels, Send you whatever I read an article.

They have, and you would spend your time from the comfort of your home going through debt documents and making sure that everything looks good and you know without spelling errors without grammatical errors, and you could be earning a very tightly penny from it.

Video Editing

The next one is video editing. Video editing is very, very lucrative nowadays. So for people who are constantly creating video content, sometimes editing is very very difficult for those people. Because it takes time, and it takes effort, and it requires a certain level of expertise. If you are able to edit videos from anywhere in the world, you could also subscribe to listen to your service on up work or Fiverr, and all the freelancer have quite a number of platforms as well that you can list the products.
Video Editing
You can also advertise yourself through social media. You can advertise yourself in your local paper. There are several ways to market yourself as long as you have the necessary skills to build the business.

Graphic Designer

The next method I’m going to mention is for you to become a graphic designer. So graphic design has gone very very creative in the last few years, because of the rise of social media. I personally hire graphic designers everywhere. Now and then, when I have events coming up to design the flyer for my event to get me some ethics that need October to design the cover for my ebook to design the cover for my pages.

It’s just a very lucrative way to create a tiny sum of income. And every time you need a graphic design that you’re going to pay the passing for their work, and some people charge as little as five pounds on each piece of content for social media and upwards of a hundred to two hundred pounds depending on the kind of work and what you need it for there are even people who specialize in designing things.

Graphic Designer

Like book covers and they charge like a thousand pounds on each book cover that they produce graphic design yes there are some advanced platforms that you could use to actually get started. But the one that everyone uses as a go-to is, which is a free resource unless you’re a professional designer.

But you can get away with a lot of the free content on the platform and start to use it to make some money.  Another place to go will be Adobe pro. However, that has a higher learning curve.

Data Entry

The next business idea is data entry. So that entry means that for example. I have a video that I need to transcribe because I want you to now be in a written format. So that I can post it on my blog, and I don’t have the time to listen to the video and type everything out. I’ll be looking for a transcriber who can listen to the video or listen to the audiotape that I have and type everything out in the neat and you know timely manner who have you know people have such work in abundance and not enough time to do the work.
Data Entry
So transcribing or data entry is also a very lucrative thing, and all they need to do is send you the file that needs to be transcribed or that needs to be typed out, and you can do it from home. You can do it at night it doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that you’re getting paid to do the work.

Life Coaching Or Mentoring

The next method that I’m going to mention is life coaching or mentoring. So personally I would say that this has a little bit of a cold. Because you need to know what you’re talking about and you need to have the skill to teach people. However, having said that you can teach people almost anything that you are very good at. Also, there is an article series about Starting your Coaching Bussines in five days.

So there are quite a number of people on the internet now teaching people parenting tips. In case they have like difficult toddlers or difficulty in ages that they don’t know how to cope with people who are teaching. Simple things like breastfeeding and how to get their milk supply or people are teaching all sorts of things. People are teaching Fitness, people that such makeup, people are teaching the business of business and so it’s a very very interesting time for anybody who has skills that they would like to market.

You would need a website, you would need to market yourself if you want your business to be solid and you want to be like Oh expert in the field. This is something you can start straight away without too much effort.


Another Home Based Business ideas I’m going to mention is photography. So photography is one of those businesses that are in back in the day. The way overlooked because people thought you didn’t really need any skill to be a great photographer. But nowadays people are seeing the relevance of photographers, people are hiring them for lifestyle shoots for creating content for their websites, for their blogs, for YouTube, for everything, for social media and so photographers have come a long way in terms of need.

If you are good around the computer and you also get around a camera you understand how to position a camera, how do you know to do the lighting, how to take an attack angle, you understand lenses, and you know you can market yourself as a photographer. You could even be a home base photographer where people bring either.

Yeah, children or themselves to have a photography session at your home studio and so you don’t really need to leave your house. Another way you could do it is for you to become a product photographer where you ask who sends you products that they want to be photographing. You photographed them in the comfort of your home and if they like and the products back when you’re done with the work.

I think this is a very good way to marry the business aspects with the time restraints that you have and for each of these business ideas, you can actually start with very very little money. There are even people who start photography business using their smartphone and maybe a few bits and bobs of accessories that will make it easier and make the quality of their pictures nicer.

Home-Based Cook

So the last Best Home Based Business ideas which are a home-based cook. Now the reason I have left it for last is that depending on where you live. You might need to get health like Sense or get a health check to make sure that you are able to sell hygienic food to other people. However, I believe that you can start by serving your friends and costs and family members or friends or friends who don’t really mind that you are not a restaurant and you can start to make a tidy sum of money by supplying them food and getting them the comfort that they need. So basically they don’t need to cook. Because some people really don’t have the time to cook or they’re really stressed out, and they cannot cook enjoyed this article.

Let me know in the comments which of these Best Home Based Business ideas resonates with you and which one you have already started or will be starting in the near future. So guys that bring me to the end of the article. Hopefully, I will see you in my next one.

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