Getting Started on Social Media | Launch Your Coaching Business From Scratch – Day 4

Welcome to day four of Getting Started on Social Media on your coaching business launched online in just five days. So if you haven’t read the other articles, you want to go back and read days one through three where we make you an official business get all your business systems in place.

So you can operate as a business and work with clients when we set up your basic. But purposeful website and today we’re going to start those social media profiles. But go back and read days one through three if you haven’t yet, and we’re going to go ahead and dive into day four. There are few steps to getting started on social media, and the first step is to create your social media accounts.

Create Your Social Media Accounts

alright so you might already have personal accounts on all of the social media channels, and maybe you don’t. But you do want to decide here. If you want to turn your accounts into business accounts or if you want to create completely separate business accounts, a lot of that will depend on what you named your business back on¬†day one.

So if it’s just your name and you want to just turn your accounts into a business account. Then go for it. I know that’s what I did. But you can also create a completely separate account. Just for your business, and this is a personal decision. Okay, there’s no right or wrong here either.

Now there are a couple of places where you want to make sure that you do have a business account. The first one is a Facebook business page. So Facebook frowns upon using your profile for business purposes. You know you could follow the 8020 rule and sometimes post about your business over there. But Facebook wants you to have a business page, also known as a fan page.

coaching business launched online in just five days
Create Your Social Media Accounts

So you can go into your profile. Go into your menu options. You’ll have to do this on a desktop and start a new page and create a simple cover photo. Add your picture. Name your page. Something like – “Postoral business coach”. So that people can distinguish between my profile on my business page, and that’s all you need to get started. You know enter some basic information like your website and contact info things like that, and then you’ll have a Facebook business page all set up.

So people can find your business on Facebook and Pinterest. You also want to confirm that you have a business account. You’ll be able to link it to your website a link to any content that you share, and it’s beneficial to have a Pinterest business account.

There you want to make sure that those are the first two. So that was a Facebook¬†business page and a Pinterest business account. Alright, then you want to make sure you have an Instagram account created. So either go with your personal. If you already have one switch it over to a business or create an entirely separate business account. That’s up to you.

But get an Instagram account in place and then the Twitter account in place, Snapchat if you think that you might be on Snapchat. I don’t use Snapchat because I know my target audience isn’t on there. But yours might and then if you already have a LinkedIn profile great just update it with your business or create a LinkedIn profile if you don’t have one.

From there, you can also decide if you want to create a YouTube channel. Alright so once you have a Google account a Gmail account, you can create a YouTube channel. so you can do that as well, so that was a Facebook business page, Pinterest business account, an Instagram account, a personal or business, Twitter account, Snapchat if you, wanted a youtube channel and then made sure that you have a LinkedIn profile or that it is up updated.

Optimize Profiles

the second thing that you want to do to get started on social media is to optimize those profiles. Okay and this is easy and when I’m talking about optimizing and saying that you’re using them purposefully to tell people what you do and to invite them into your business. Okay so allow them to start interacting with you, and there are three simple little things that you can do to optimize each one of these profiles.

Use The Same Profile Pic

the first one is really easy, and that’s to use the same profile pic across all channels. Alright, that create AIDS, it’s a really simple way to create brand consistency. So that people always know you know that it’s you and your actual business no matter what channel they’re on.

Create an About section or to add a little bio

And then the second thing that you want to do is that on all of these profiles. You’ll have the opportunity to either create an About section or to add a little bio on your profile for when people land on your page; You want to take this opportunity to tell people what you do and how you can help them. So I suggest creating a simple I help statement here and just saying something like you know I help new coaches get their businesses launched online.

So whatever you help people do with your coaching services just add you know simple straightforward. I help statement so that people know what you do and why they should follow you or keep going.

Provide a link

the third thing that you want to do is you want to provide a link. Okay, so you can either link directly to your website. You know, for “more information” or to “learn more”, “about”, “what I can do for you”, you know “here’s my website check it out”, or you can link directly to your calendar. just whatever you decide you think. It’s going to be best on your business and if you decide to link to your calendar.

It’s just as simple as you know “book your first free consultation here”, “book your free discovery call here” and then provide a link to your calendar and it’s a great idea. Here to use a link shortener for your calendar link. So if you’re using calendly or acuity for your free online booking calendar, then you’re gonna get a pretty lengthy kind of cumbersome URL for that.

And you want to have you know you have a character limit on most of these profile BIOS, and you don’t want something kind you know obnoxious for your calendar link either. So you can go to bitly. So bitly and it’s free, and you can create a new shortened link.

So you will copy your calendar link come over to bitly paste it in there and say create new bitly link. Alright and then you’ll have a shortened bitly link to use on your profile instead of a long count one book calendar link.

Okay so those are the three things to optimize your profiles and your profiles will be you know generating traffic into your business for you with just those simple steps.

Focus on one channel

step number three to get started on social media is to pick one channel and focus on that channel. So I suggest having a profile on all of these channels and even sharing your content across the channels. You know because you never know where people might find you, and you know it’s a good idea to have a presence on all these profiles.

But that does not mean that you need to you know to spend your day posting on all of these different channels. But what is suggest what does work what will serve you and your business to start getting clients interacting with your business on social media is to stick to one main platform and go deep on that platform.

So where do you think your latent clients hang out the most where can you reach them in the most effective way to and then what are you the most comfortable with. Okay so all of that comes into play, Facebook and Instagram are great places to get started. If you’re not sure and you know if it’s Instagram then get started on Instagram learn what you can about the ins and outs of the platform and start posting regular content every week on that platform.

Once you start kind of understanding the name of the game from a business perspective on that platform, you’re gonna get better and at posting better content and getting more followers and those followers will go to your profile. See the link in your profile and take a step to you know to connect with you in your business. It’s that simple.

Engage and connect with others every week

Step number four to get started on social media is once you’ve pitched that platform you want to then engage and connect with others every week on that platform as well. So this just means carving out as much time as you can either daily you know a few times a week whatever you can commit to go and engage with other people on that platform.

Alright, so you know in as little as 30 minutes a day 15 minutes, 30 minutes maybe an hour if you have it go and interact. If it’s Instagram interact with popular hashtags that have to do with your, you know coaching services and if it’s Facebook then join different groups and interact in those groups just engage, be helpful provide valuable tips. You know support to these people doesn’t go on these platforms trying to get clients.

That’s my number one tip you know the purpose of social media in your business is to go and engage and connect with people online. So that’s all you want to do engage, connect be helpful, be support, you know things like that. But carve out time on your one main platform and make engaging and connecting a priority. Because that is the key to getting people to come back and check you out more and start following you, start learning more about you and your business and that will lead to you getting clients off of social media.

So that wraps up day four of getting started on social media. So create those profiles business or personal optimize those profiles. So that you’re bringing people into your business pick one main platform to focus on and start posting regular weekly content and then engage and connect with others that platform. You know every week as well.

Well, I hope this helps you to start getting those followers and bringing people into your business, and I’ll see you over on day five where we’re going to talk about getting your first client. I’ll see you then.

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