How to Design Your Own Tattoo | There is Three Different Factors

Hey, what’s up, guys. This Valuable article about three different factors that you should consider before bringing your design into a tattoo shop.

Okay, so, first things first. Is it okay to bring in your design for a tattoo consultation? The

Answer to that question is very dependent on the context with which that question is ask. So, there are some situations where it’s excellent to bring in your tattoo design.

There are some situations where you will be deni service if you insist on getting that particular design tattooed.

So, in this article, I’m going to tell about three different factors. That will influence whether or not your console swings one way or the other and hopefully that gives you guys some tips on how you can be more successful going into your next tattoo consultation.

What Your Expectations

What Your Expectations

okay, so the first factor I want to talk about is what your expectations are with regards to what will be done with the design you do bring in.

Some people will come in with like just a general idea and like a loose sketch.

Where they’re just kind of like trying to show the artist Where they would like things to place in the tattoo Like in a very general way or maybe they only bring in like a drawing.

That represents stylistically, what they want to get.

So, the artist can just totally redraw it and just run with it from there. Some people are a little bit more rigid on it, and they want the tattoo designed to be tattooed or exactly precisely the way it was in the image that they brought in, and some people are a little bit more in-between.

Where they wanted to look mostly like the design, they brought in.

But they are open to a couple of little adjustments and tweaks for the sake of making it a better tattoo.

Now if you’re more on the flexible side you just came in with like a real general design, and you want the tattoo orders to just totally redraw it, and you don’t care about whether or not it looks like the stuff you brought in.

Then you’re in good shape, and that’s actually what’s normal and what’s preferred in the tattoo industry.

If you’re more like in-between and you’re pretty flexible to it. Then you’re still pretty good it.

Just kind of depends on the artist and whether or not you know they want to do that particular piece whether or not you know they jive with the subject matter or the style that it is or that sort of thing.

If you were more and you wanted to be tattooed like verbatim precisely the way it is in the design you brought in.

Your chances of being turned down for the project increased dramatically.

But it is still possible to get a tattoo artist to do that sort of design and it kind of just depends on what precisely it is.


Very Simple Tattoo Design

Very Simple Tattoo DesignSo, that brings me to my next factor. That is the design itself if your model is straightforward and it’s just like a little logo or something like.

Let’s say for occurrence you want to get like a little heart outline tattooed on your wrist, and you just bring in like a simple as black heart outline. It’s the exact size that you want, and you know exactly where you want it place, and you just want to bring it in and have the tattoo artist run that thing through the stencil maker and then put it on your body.

You’re probably in pretty good shape. I mean tattoo artists that do small tattoos like that.

That’s a dream scenario for them they don’t have to fuss around with you on the computer you know resizing things in Photoshop and picking the right heart that has the right shape and all that different stuff.

All you got to do is just run it through the stencil maker and put it on you, and then they get paid, and you go out the door, and that’s the best-case scenario for them.

Because it’s an immaculate, easy in-and-out process If your design, however, is more complex and you want to tattoo to verbatim precisely the way it is.

Whether or not the tattoo artists are going to take on that project. It depends on a lot of factors, for instance.

You know one thing you want to ask yourself is whether or not that somebody else’s tattoo Like a picture of somebody else’s tattoo. That you’re showing that tattoo artist That in the tattoo industry is taboo, it’s a big no-no for us to copy a tattoo exactly.

So, frequently if somebody comes in with a picture of a tattoo that they want and it’s already on somebody’s body.

Then you know they’re going to go ahead the tattoo artists are going to want to redraw that or at least adjust it in some ways to make it their own.

So, they won’t get you to know shit on by their peers for copying somebody else’s tattoo.

I do want to talk about when a client brings in their drawing. When it’s your original artwork, and you bring that in for me to tattoo. When you precisely this specific circumstance can kind of create a little bit of an awkward interaction between the artist and the client.

If the client is one of those people like I said earlier that wants the design tattoo at a verbatim and it’s very rigid and doesn’t want any changes made whatsoever. The reason for that is because you know sometimes it’s just the fit of the tattoo that where the fit of the drawing.

Where it just doesn’t look like it’s going to feel well on the area of their requesting. But frequently it’s the drawing itself just isn’t high-quality enough of a picture.

It’s not good enough for drawing to make a professional quality tattoo out of, and it sucks to have to tell somebody that if they are that like rigid person that doesn’t want to be changed at all.

So, usually all kind of like trying to figure out whether or not they are that person by asking.

Well is it okay if I make a couple of changes to this blah blah blah and I really won’t tell them what they what I think about the drawing outright right away?

But if they tell me like “Nah it’s got to be exactly like this” and blah blah blah, then I’ll say to them well. I can’t do that tattoo.

Because I only do professional-quality tattoos and this drawing honestly doesn’t do it look like

It was done by a professional. So, I’m sorry, but I can’t take the project on, and it sucks to have to tell somebody that because you know. I know as an artist that frequently.

When somebody’s critiquing your artwork, especially when it’s like an unsolicited critique, it can almost feel like they’re personally attacking you. It sucks to have to be at the end of that it sucks to be on the receiving end of that.

But it also sucks to be on the giving end of that if you’re kind of push into that situation. When you don’t want to like this situation, I’m talking about it in the tattoo console.

So, hold that in mind before you go in for your tattoo consultation if you’re bringing your drawing to be prepared for that.

If you are very rigid on it and you do want the thing to be tattooed precisely the way you drew it be prepared to get an honest opinion from an artist and try not to take it too oneself.

If they tell you that if anything is just telling you that you need to grow more as an artist, maybe you just need to find a different artist.

That’s okay with the tattoo, and then on you, everybody has different opinions on what’s right and what’s bad art, and you know you might be able to get a different result by talking to another artist.

But try not to hate that artist for that. Because I’ve been on the giving end of that and I felt super shitty for it. Even though I had to tell them what I had to say to them.

Okay So, now that I’ve discussed the importance of considering. What will be done with your design when you do ring, and I’ve also discussed the importance of finding the design itself with regards to whether or not. It is okay to bring in your tattoo design.


Artists Themselves

Artists ThemselvesI want to talk about the third factor. That you should be thinking about when you’re trying to decide whether or not it’s okay to bring your tattoo design and that third factor is the artists themselves.

So, whether or not an artist is going to be comfortable tattooing a design that you bring in yourself is a difficult thing to ascertain.

Because it’s not always all black and white. Okay,

So, some artists are going to be like totally fine with you just bring in whatever they’re just going to slap that on you. It doesn’t matter what it appears. Some artists are going to be rigid about it, and they only want to do stuff if it’s like a hundred per cent their own original creations.

They are trying to figure out where your artist falls on that spectrum. It can be pretty tricky.

You can get a couple of inkling by looking at their portfolio or their Instagram.

Frequently artists that are unwilling to do anything. That is not 100% custom is going to have a precise look at their tattoos, and it’s going to be like the same thing over and over in their portfolio.

Where they do like, for instance, neo-traditional tattoos, that has I don’t know McCobb subject matter or something like that.

Have you seen nothing but that in their portfolio or on their Instagram and most likely that’s all they’re willing to do, and those are their original creations.

Because they all have the same look If, however, you have a tattoo artist that has an Instagram that is kind of like all over the place and has like some stuff that’s lettering, some stuff that’s as black and grey realism, some things are just like little logos and material.

If that’s the type of artist that you’re looking to get tattooed by.

Then most likely they will be more open to considering doing a design that you’re bringing in yourself.

With that said the best way to find out whether or not your tattoo artists are going to be willing to work with a premade design that you bring in. Is just going to be to either go to the shop and ask them personally or call the shop and ask the counter person “How that tattoo artist normally works?” to try to get a recommendation of whether or not.

You know you’re going to be able just to bring in your design and get a tattoo before you waste the time of making the trip to the tattoo shop and consulting with the artist.

So, that’s about it for this article guys what we’ve discussed here is whether or not it is okay to bring a premade design to a tattoo shop for a consultation. This depends on three factors like I said it’s you know what your expectations are with that tattoo design that you do bring in the design itself and the artist the specific artist that you’re working with that you’re choosing to console with.

So, I hope this article helped you guys out hopefully it helps people get better tattoos probably, and it helps people have a little bit of a better idea of what’s normal in terms of tattoo advocate before they go in for a consultation.

See you next time

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