Deep Meaning of Love is Don’t Need Anything In Return

Hello again, This Valuable Article about what is Deep meaning of love.  So, love is what we experience at any moment. That was with someone without our judgments about them or our decisions about ourselves.

So, love is complete acceptance when we’re with somebody without our judgments of them are necessarily accepting them how they are. We have no concept about how they aren’t good enough or how we want them to improve or how they would be perfect.

If only all that only exists in thoughts. So, without them, love is what remains. Also, love is unconditional. When we love someone when we genuinely love someone, it can’t be impacted by words or actions that we don’t like.

If our love is conditional upon them acting and speaking in a way that matches what we want and, we just love how they operate, it’s not loving, and lasting love is selfless. Love is don’t need anything in return or want anything to return. When we love someone, we do not require that they do what we wish to or give to us or love us back. Right, that’s all has some selfish motives behind it.

When we love which is love purely innocently without any ideas of what we may get or want to get in return and so when we love what we experience is freedom, its openness, its connection. So, generally, when we’re with people, we experience a barrier in between us a divide. There’s no connection. There so the barrier the wall between us is thoughts, its judgments.

We have thoughts, and that’s all on her judgments about them we don’t meet them we’re just experiencing our thoughts about them, and that prevents us from connecting and feeling this intimacy that we want. A lot of us are longing for this intimacy, or we feel separate and lonely.

But we can have this experience of love and connection closeness and togetherness. What we just at any moment. When we just don’t have or don’t believe the judgments that arise in our mind. Generally, as we go through life, all of our decisions prevent us from loving people.

Right, so when we think that they shouldn’t have said that or they shouldn’t have done that or that wasn’t good enough for I wish they would be that way. Then we experience anger, disappointment, longing, feelings of lack, and insufficiency. All that stuff and that prevents us from feeling loved.

But Deep Meaning of Love, when we are experiencing our positive thoughts about someone even. Those positive thoughts still prevent us from loving. Because in a moment that we think they’re doing something incredible or I love how they said that to me.

Then, of course, we’re also going to be embedded in that. It’s going to be thoughts about how I want them to continue doing that and ideas about how it would be wrong if they don’t or when they don’t do it thoughts about how that isn’t good enough.

So, that does not love it. That’s just a conditional experience that we have. Specific thoughts arise in our minds. When we love, we tend to have been trained that love is having pleasant, positive thoughts and having a dream I love you so much.

But to love someone we don’t need to have positive thoughts about them. We don’t need to experience the idea I love you. All that’s completely unnecessary or we love was just here. We’re only here together, just being, without anything added on top of it and that’s love. That’s just innate we don’t need to do anything to create love.

Love is just what remains, what’s here automatically at any moment. So, we tend to think that we’re looking to get the love for others that we want to feel the love from others. But just take a moment right now or a call if there’s somebody who you don’t care about it all. Maybe some random person at work.

Deep meaning of loveIf you know that they love you or if they tell you “I love you”. How would that make you feel? You probably wouldn’t feel much. Right, it’s unlikely to impact you right profoundly. So, that means that it’s not others’ love that makes us feel good. It’s our love for others. When we’re with somebody, and we love them.

How do we feel? We feel wonderful. Right? If somebody else’s love could make us happy than anybody that loved us would make us feel satisfied. Right? That their love would make us feel satisfied.

It wouldn’t be different depending on the person. So, we feel this love, when we experience this love, we can just give it to everyone. We don’t have to limit it to one person. We tend to go through life, trying to find one person to love us or maybe for us to like them.

But why limit it to one? With love there’s nothing to be afraid, there’s nothing to fear. We don’t have to worry that we won’t receive their love. Because we don’t need anything in return, that’s The Deep Meaning of Love.

I can love you; I can love you. I can enjoy the waiter. I can like the cashier. I can love everyone. Right? Because it feels wonderful to love, and that’s our nature. That’s what we want, and there’s nothing too. We just love what can happen we don’t need anything when we’re present over here without our judgments about ourselves and others.

We’re already happy. Therefore, we don’t need another person to do things for us, we don’t need somebody else to love us, we don’t need somebody else to fill our needs, we don’t need anything from anyone else and if we don’t need something from them. Then there’s nothing to fear really. There’s nothing to fear.

We’re just free to love, free to be ourselves, free just to be here now wholly. So, that’s love at least how I see it. This is the best Deep meaning of love. So, Guys, I love you.

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