5 Best Places For a Tattoo on a Woman

Welcome back, guys, so in this valuable article about the five best places to get your first tattoo. These will be my opinions personally.

Of course, anyone who is getting their first tattoo is free to get their tattoo wherever they want it’s. just like sometimes people are wondering where to get their first tattoo. What would be the best placement?

So, I am here to kind of give some directions to that. Yeah, I’m not saying that you should get the tattoos in the places that I recommend. Like it’s not obliged. But it’s just the recommendation.

You know, and of course, it always depends on if you want to be heavily tattooing them in the future or you just wish to one tattoo. It always depends. But either way, let’s just get into the article.


The Inner Armor Before Arm Tattoos 

So, the first best places to get your tattoo that I would wear I would recommend to get your first tattoo would be either—the inner armour before arm. So why inner sleeve especially would be the right place if you want a small symbol or like a palm-sized tattoo.

But you want it to be still available to hide it in some places. Because the inner arm is the inner arm, it’s not that visible and even if you’re wearing long sleeves. It’s not going to be that visible.

It always depends on where you’re working or what your lifestyle is like and how you feel visible tattoos.

best places for a tattoo Inner Arm or Before Arm TattoosSo, I think the inner arm is a safe bet. However, the inner sleeve is a quite sensitive and painful area. My first tattoo was on the inner arm. Yeah, that’s why I recommend the inner arm.

Because I knew I was feeling safe about that place, it’s going to be kind of still personal and somewhat hidden.

So, I choose that placement. But sometimes for people who are getting their first actives, it’s more recommended to get a tattoo in an installation. That is not the most painful, for example, the knee or the elbow. I’m not saying that those are the most painful places.

But it’s an example before the arm is going to be a lot more painless than the inner sleeve. But the forearm, however, is also a right place where to get your first tattoo and I recommend on the forearm somewhere in the top area of before I’m not the wrists. I don’t know I’ve seen a lot of people get their first tattoos on their wrists like something small. But I feel like that’s a prominent placement.

You’re free to get your tattoo wherever you want as I’ve said. But I don’t think the wrist is a good idea or proper placement. Very painful going to tell you that I have half of the tattoo going on my wrist, and that was very painful. It was not pleasant at all.

Inner Arm or Before Arm TattoosSo yeah, the forearm the upper forum is an excellent placement to get a tattoo it will be more visible. Of course, then the inner arm. But still, I think it’s like a very flat and good area and if you know that you’re going to get more tattoos in the future. Then yeah still proper placement and of course you can tell your tattoo artist about your plans.

But like for the first tattoo when I say first at you, I usually think. Like one tattoo. Because some people go and get their first tattoo, you like a half sleeve or something like that.

If they’re like very determined on what they want, it depends on it seriously. Oh my god. There’re so many things up that it depends on Because it depends on what your first tattoo is it is a small dot or is it a huge piece.

Of course, some things can go into that that nobody recommends for you to get a huge back piece as your first tattoo and I don’t think anyone really would everyone I think starts slow or small or kind of get themself going.

Because I think the first tattoo determines a lot of things either. You’re going to get tattooed in the future or not or if you even like tattoos. I know people who have got obtained their first tattoo and see that they’re not going to get going to give they realise they’re not going to be tattooed any more in the future. That they just have that one tattoo and I completely understand it.

But for me, I got my first tattoo which was the starting point I always knew I was going to get a lot of tattoos. But I still started slow and gradually went into it.


Thighs Tattoos

The second best place for a tattoo would be thighs. Why thighs? Because legs also kind of you can kind of hide the tattoo. If you need to like it if you are pants shorts, skirts, okay, if you wear short you can also wear an extended type of shorts like I don’t know if you need to hide it – but in cases like in the first tattoo big deal a very kind of painless area.

Thighs TattoosOf course, the tattoos hurt anyway, but it’s not the most painful area to get a tattoo. So, I think that thighs are a proper placement you can get a more substantial scale piece on the leg or something smaller and just place it wherever on the thigh where you wish and yes. So, I think that’s a suitable placement.


Legs Tattoos

The third best place for a tattoo also on the legs. But the calves I have a symbol on my calf on my right calf and when I got it wasn’t as painful as a lot of people say it also always depends on the pain tolerance that you have.

If you don’t have a tattoo, you don’t know how bad it is going to be. But anyway, The cap also a proper placement. Because for its first tattoo because it’s also liked the right area for a tattoo. So, if you’re going to want to fill in the whole leg-sleeve later. It’s a beautiful piece to have a tattoo. It’s not going to be a problem – like more fit into a slit-like leg sleeve.

If you want it with time, you know, maybe a bit more painful than the size for me personally I don’t know how it is for others.


Shoulder Tattoos

The fourth best place for a tattoo to get your first tattoo which is a proper placement is the shoulder is also you can wear short sleeve t-shirts like this, and this tattoo can still hide And also because the joints are on the arms, not a very painful area. My shoulder tattoos did not hurt at all they did not; they did hurt a little. But it was not sore shoulder is the proper placement for either also palm-sized tattoo or something small and even if you start as a tattoo on the shoulder and if you want to continue it into a sleeve.

It’s an excellent way to go downwards from there. So, you can work that piece later into a sleeve and no problem.



The fifth best place for a tattoo for a first tattoo that I would kind of recommend would be the ribs. Who are? Along the side of your body.

However, it is a painful area, but you can hide it very well like you are not walking around in your bra or shirtless all the time. So, in case you need to protect the tattoo or have it not be as visible, the ribs are a perfect placement.

It is harrowing, however. Of course, I have a tattoo that is going on my ribs. So, I know how bad it can get and how big excuse me and how painful it can be.

But if it’s something small like either a text or a line or very something little. I think you can go with the pain because small tattoos don’t take up a lot of time comparison if it was like a huge piece or something that would take a lot of time and pain.

I think when you get your first tattoo, it should be something for yourself the thing you need to think about and not be reckless about it. But there are all kinds of people out there. It is just my opinion and my advice you can take it you cannot make it it’s your own choice.

of course, I hope this may be helping to let me know this is the end of the article

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