3 Secrets To Unstoppable Confidence in Business and Life

In this article, I want to write about 3 Secrets To Unstoppable Confidence in Business and Life. I can write about confidence. Once a week. Because it’s so crucial to your next level of success,

All success starts here what’s up? Welcome to the millionaire success habits article. Suppose this is your first time reading this blog. It’s an honor and a privilege to have you here.

I plan to get you addicted to this very first one. You are reading to if you’re coming back week after week, thanks for being here with me.

I promise always to dig in as deep as I can to deliver you value wisdom capabilities. So you can go faster, quicker, and easier for your next level of life.

So I was hoping you could think about the things in your life that steal your confidence and remember when I say to steal your faith. I don’t mean that you have a hundred percent confidence, and you do something, and you go to 20 percent or ten percent.


I’m writing about when your confidence is off just five percent. do you make smart decisions when your faith is down. Do you go after the business? Do you ask for the money? Do you start the website? Do you get the girl? Do you get the promotion? Do you ask your boss for a raise?

When your confidence is down you, that’s when you start saying, well maybe this is good enough, perhaps my relationship is good enough, I should be happy that. I got I should be satisfied with the money, I make screw that if you’re happy.

You wouldn’t be here if you’re doing something else right now besides reading this article. So let’s face the facts where you are right now is not sufficient for you doesn’t mean. It isn’t delightful, but it’s not enough and if you want to get to that next level.

You need to protect your confidence by any shape, measure, or form defend it. so what are the things that dig in your faith I realized at an early time?

I don’t know about you. But if you have your phone. If you ever look at your phone. If it Dania, someone texts you or calls you, look at it and go, oh, I answer this now. Should I answer it later to me that robs my confidence? I don’t want those people in my life.

I either have to set boundaries or have to push them out of my life. Let’s be honest stop feeling bad for other people. Stop dimming your glow. Stop talking about your aspirational. Next level stuff fantasizing about your dreams in front of people.

Because it may insult them or make them feel inferior, or they may tell you you’re a dreamer. If that’s the case, push them out of your life or become Teflon and don’t listen to their plain speaking.

Suppose you if someone gives you advice. If you wouldn’t replace your life with theirs, provide you with advice on making money? How to fix your relationship? How to get a promotion?

But most of the time, people are unqualified, giving us advice. The broke friend telling us how to make money? The unhappy, miserable single friend telling us how to fix our marriage? Bad advice is the most costly advice in the world.

But I take it one step deeper you’ve heard that before. But bad advice to me dings my confidence. It’s got to go, So if lousy advice dings your confidence, then get to push the people out. That is bringing you down and making you dim.

Your globe pushes them out of your life, or if they’re close and your life finds a way not to let their words affect you unless you’d rather be them.

Another thing that dings your confidence in a massive way is working on your weaknesses. The most significant light we’ve ever been told in the history of the world or one of them is that we should get strong. What we’re weakened the hell would that get amazing at what you’re good at because when you work on the things, you’re right, what makes you thrive and feel alive?

Your confidence goes up when your confidence goes up, then everything else starts to get more comfortable. You don’t look at things as a

problem. You look at things as a challenge. When you walk into the meeting to ask for the promotion, ask for the raise, ask for the partnership.

You don’t go, oh my god, will this work? Maybe I should be happy go no, I got this, I got this your chest puffs up, your physiology changes. Your breathing changes, the way you look on your face changes, you ever take a picture when you’re stressed, and your confidence is low.

It’s like yeah hi, and then all of a sudden, you look another person. Wow, I looked amazing in that picture. Why do I look so good? Because your confidence was up.

So you could go faster to your next level. Why go through your trial and error when I’ve been here. So do this exercise. Don’t just think about it. Don’t just be inspired to do it. This week starts writing down everything in your life that makes you feel a little bit less than confident someone in your life.

A relationship, watching the news, working on your weaknesses redundant, work negative people whatever it is. Start recognizing it and start eliminating those things in your life. Start figuring out how you could push them out or become Teflon or switch it or adjust it or go on a one-week news night.

Just go this week without watching one bit of news and use that time that you’d watch the communication or surf online look at it, stupid crap. It doesn’t do anything for your life. Use that time working on you read a book, read powerful by Peggy McColl, read shoo dog by Phil night, read principles by Ray dal, read something that takes you forward and eliminate.

The crap that holds you back. That’s my message for today. I appreciate you guys again. Suppose you’re watching the video. Sorry, I look like a mess. I just got done working out. But I had this message you could tell I’m passionate about today.

It’s in my heart, and I need to share it with you. So remember one last thing all success starts right here.

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